Student Handbook

Every year, PIB publishes an updated handbook to guide you through the summer experience. This handbook will contain important information about living arrangements, Chinese visas, and other aspects of life in China. The handbook expands upon the following important pieces of information:


Students in dorm roomPiB does not obtain visas for students. Our host university in China, Beijing Normal University, sends us an invitation letter. We send this letter to students, who then use it to apply for an X2 visa (short-term study visa) from their nearest Chinese consulate. If students use a document other than the invitation letter provided by Beijing Normal to attain their visa, or if they apply for a visa of any type other than an X2 visa, they are responsible for making their own arrangements to assure legal status while in China.


All students are required to live on the BNU campus - it is one element of our "total immersion" program. PiB assigns each student to a single bed in a two-bed room. The other bed will usually be filled by another PiB student. If you and your spouse are both accepted into PiB, you will be given a room together. If you are married and your spouse is not a PiB student, it is your responsibility to make housing arrangements for him/her. Likewise, PiB is unable to accommodate children of PiB students.