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The PiB student body consists of anyone who is 18 years of age or older, who has had at least one year of Chinese language learning experience.  Approximately 170-180 students partake in the summer program each year.  189 students attended the PiB 2019 program.  PiB students range from undergraduate and graduate students to working professionals, all from different countries and cultural backgrounds.


The faculty includes instructors from Princeton University and other American universities. The American faculty teaches together with faculty from universities in China, producing an overall student-teacher ratio of approximately 2.5:1.  The following are Lead Instructors in charge of the different levels of Chinese courses we are offering in summer 2018:

2nd Year Lead Instructors: 
Wang Tingting (王婷婷), Lecturer, Auburn University
Hsieh Fang-Yen (谢芳燕), Lecturer, Princeton University

3rd Year Lead Instructors: 
Yan Fang (燕芳), 
Lecturer, Princeton University
Zhu Jieyun (朱洁云), Lecturer, Princeton University 
Qi Qi (齐麒), Lecturer, Princeton University

3rd Year Heritage Track Lead Instructor: 
Liu Ning (刘宁),
 Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania 

4th Year Lead Instructor:
Xie Jing (谢静
), Lecturer, Princeton University

4th Year Heritage Track Lead Instructor: 
Li Yike (李亦珂), 
Lecturer, Princeton University

5th Year Lead Instructor:
Peng Tao (彭涛),
University of California Riverside 

Princeton in Beijing is grateful for the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation in launching this program.

Main Contacts


Chih-ping Chou (周质平): Professor and Director of Chinese Language Program, Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University. Ph.D., Indiana University.

Program Manager

Henry Zhao (赵扬): M.A., Beijing Normal University. B.A., Michigan State University.