Dates and Deadlines

Princeton in Beijing 2020

  • Early October
    PiB Applications available

  • January 15
    APPLICATION DEADLINE for those Applying for Financial Aid
    (Princeton University freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are not held to this deadline)

  • January 31

  • January - April
    Students receive notification of admissions status, along with financial aid award if applicable

  • For all admitted students: DEADLINE to turn in $800 Deposit and registration forms is 2 weeks after admission date

  • March
    PiB handbook and preparation materials available for download to all PiB students who have paid their deposit

  • April 15
    Tuition balance due, 2020 attendees finalized

  • April - May
    Textbooks and invitation/acceptance letters distributed to students
    (All PiBers are responsible for securing their own China X2 Study Visas and purchasing their textbooks thereafter)

  • June 19
    Students arrive in Beijing

Regarding Visas and Enter Date: According to Chinese law and university policy of Beijing Normal University, students who wish to study abroad in China in an official capacity must have the correct corresponding visa to do so. In this case, that is the X2 Study Visa. The host university, Beijing Normal University, reserves the right to deny access to their facilities (including dorms and classrooms) to students who are found to have the incorrect visa, including the Q or L visa.
Since X2 Study Visas are usually single-entry and its length of validity is tailored to the length of the study abroad program, we strongly discourage entering China drastically earlier than Friday, June 19 to avoid overstaying the visa (which may incur heavy penalties, including fines of 500 RMB per overstayed day and/or blacklist).

  • June 20
    Students take Placement Exams

  • June 21
    Opening Ceremony and Language Pledge begins

  • June 22
    Classes begin

  • July 16 - 19
    Midterm Break (after exams on Thurs, ending on Sun)

  • August 14
    Classes end

  • August 15 - 16
    Students depart from Beijing (students are responsible for housing costs after the night of August 15)