Students in a classroom

Is fluency without accuracy really fluency?

We say no. The emphasis at Princeton in Beijing is on fluency through accuracy, on building a solid foundation in pronunciation and syntax that enables students to strive for genuine fluency in the Chinese language. The stress on accuracy, integrated with the Beijing language environment, is one of the unique features of Princeton in Beijing.

Because our total immersion program is located in Beijing, students are able to take advantage of two distinct language environments. The first is the natural environment of Beijing, in which students can freely practice their language skills, especially speaking and listening, with and among the people of China. The second is the classroom environment in which students will be able to take full advantage of structured presentation and rigorous language training. This combination allows students to learn the language in the classroom and to master it on the streets of Beijing.


Student-Teacher Ratio 师生比例

Every summer, based upon enrollment rate, we guarantee that there is at least 1 teacher for every 2.5 students on our enthusiastic team of faculty.  The large population of teachers available not only ensures that students are getting the immediate and personal attention they need, but also greatly enhances the language environment in which they practice Chinese.

Language Pledge 语言誓约

In order to maintain the ideal language environment for every student in the program, all students are required to sign a language pledge stating that they will use only Mandarin Chinese for the duration of the program. The pledge is a crucial part of the learning process. Violations will lead to expulsion from the program.

Chinese Table with Food

Chinese Table 中文桌子

Another special feature of the program is "Chinese Table," offered at least once a week. These occasions give students an opportunity to practice Chinese with their teachers and to get to know them better. For other meals, students are encouraged to explore the eating options (and language environments) both on and off campus.

Individual Sessions 单班课

Students are assigned to different instructors for a fifty, up to eighty, -minute individual session every day.  These one-on-one tutorials, in addition to office hours in the evenings, are valuable opportunities for students to reinforce what they have learned in class, to further seek answers and clarification to their questions, and to get to know their instructors as friends within the PiB community.