Princeton in Beijing 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

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             普林斯顿暑期北京中文培训班 (Princeton-in-Beijing) 1993年在北京师范大学成立的,2022年将迎来成立30周年的庆典。在过去28年里,我们培训了约4000名来自世界各地的汉语学习者,和大约1800名汉语教学的专业老师。

         这五六千人现在活跃在世界各个角落,从事着不同的工作。虽然我们的年龄,工作,和所在的地方各自不同,但我们所共有的是在北京师范大学曾经共度的暑期--- 炎热,忙碌,为了学好中文和教好中文所付出的心血和努力。为一批又一批优秀的外国大学生、研究生营造了一个只许说中文的语言乌托邦。每年暑期,在这个乌托邦里有说不完的欢乐和兴奋,也有道不尽的心酸和沮丧。但愿如今回首,所有的苦难艰辛都成了美好的回忆了。北京师范大学的夏天都有过我们的工作,我们的梦,我们的爱!





To the Teachers, Students, and Alumni of Princeton-in-Beijing:

            Princeton-in-Beijing was established at Beijing Normal University in 1993, and in 2022, we will mark the 30-year anniversary with a celebration. Over the past 28 years, we have trained around 4,000 Chinese language learners from all over the world, along with around 1,800 teachers of various Chinese teaching backgrounds. These five or six thousand strong are now thriving in all corners of the world, engaged in careers that span countless fields.

            While our ages, careers, and locations may be different, what we all have in common is a summer spent together at Beijing Normal University – during those hot and engaging days, together we strived to learn and teach Chinese well. For cohort after cohort of outstanding international undergraduate and graduate students, a Chinese-speaking utopia was created. Every summer, this utopia held endless joy and excitement, along with no shortage of frustration and melancholy. Yet hopefully, over time, the hardships have turned into fond memories. Summers at Beijing Normal University will forever hold our achievements, our dreams, and our love!

            At the end of April 2022, we plan to hold an expanded International Conference on Chinese Language Instruction, as well as edit and publish a commemorative collection of essays. We ask all of you to draft essays, to recollect and reflect on your Princeton-in-Beijing experiences. Say all that you would like to say; in any form and manner. Essays can be in Chinese or English, and there are no restrictions to length, content, and style. In addition, include your favorite photos taken during your time at Princeton-in-Beijing. We will share submitted works on the Princeton-in-Beijing website, and create a book before April 2022.

            With endless gratitude, I eagerly await your masterpieces and photographs. Please send submissions to

Chih-ping Chou
Director, Princeton-in-Beijing