Job Description 工作细则

PiB Chinese Language Instructors are responsible for the following 普北班老师有责任:

  1. Guarantee full availability from mid-June to mid-August, 2020 (8 AM, June 14 to 8 PM, August 14, 2020).  保证2020年6月中到8月中的工作时间 (6月14日早上8点至8月14日晚上8点)。
  2. Attend mandatory teacher training a week before the program (in June).   全程参加开学前一周的培训和分班考试、阅卷等工作。
  3. No more than twelve hours of teaching per week. 每周上课时数以不超过  12 小时为原则。
  4. Audit and assist fellow instructors when not teaching.  无教课任务时须旁听、协助其他上课老师,以增进大、小班合作。
  5. Prepare and correct daily quizzes and weekly exams.  准备并改正随堂小考以及周考。
  6. Correct daily homework assignments.  改正课后作业。
  7. Conduct no more than 12 hours of individual conversation session every week. 每周个别辅导谈话时间以不超过  12  小时为原则。
  8. Conduct two to four hours of Office Hours from 8pm to 10pm, Sunday to Thursday, every week.  参加晚间答疑时间值班,每周约  2-4  小时。
  9. Participate in preparation meetings 3 times a week. 每周参加备课会议三次。
  10. Participate in Chinese Tables two times a week.   每周与学生共同进餐(午餐或晚餐)一到两次。
  11. Encouraged to participate in PiB organized excursions.  尽量参加学生课外活动 。
  12. Assist and participate in extracurricular activities such as Beijing Evening, speech contests, and other events.   除教课外,欢迎有特殊才艺或技能的老师为学生组织课外活动,如北京之夜、演讲比赛和其他活动 。

Work Location 工作地点

Beijing Normal University 北京师范大学 (新街口外大街北太平庄)

Minimum Requirement 基本应聘条件

Currently pursuing or have obtained at least a Masters degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Literature, History, and/or related areas of expertise.  对外汉语、文学、历史及相关专业的在读研究生,已取得硕士以上学位者优先考虑。

Base Salary 基本工资

18000 RMB for 8 weeks.  (NOT including performance-based bonuses)  8周基本工资18000元人民币。(不包括奖金)